Todd Rundgren DVD and
other CD Liner Notes
written/co-written by Jeff Gauss
(special thanks for these GREAT opportunities to Scott, editor Carrie, and smeeg)

On February 10, 2008 some of Central Wisconsin's finest bands united to help benefit Deb Musch and Anita Plantico (mother and daughter) in their time of need at The Bar in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Deb and Anita lost their home and possessions due to a devestating fire. They were renters in the town of Grant that did not have renters insurance and needed help to recoup and recover from their total loss.

All proceeds from your purchase of this CD go to this family...THANK YOU!

1. Shaky Ground - The aTomix
2. Swallow Your Pride - Surrender Dorothy
3. California - The Lizardz
4. Fairy Tales - KGP Conspiracy
5. Travelin' Soldier - John Cismoski and Mary Panzer
6. Six Days on the Road - Whiskey River Band
7. Everytime I Roll the Dice - The aTomix
8. If That's What It Takes - KGP Conspiracy
9. Hometown - Surrender Dorothy
10. Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox - Whiskey River Band
11. Myrtle - The Lizardz
      (Rodencal/San Juan)
12. Tomorrow Never Knows - KGP Conspiracy

Produced by Jeff Gauss and Milo Plante
Artwork by Mark Larson
Printing by Bryon at Staples (WR)

Executive Producer: Travis Plantico

Donations may be sent to: Wood Trust Bank
P.O. Box 8000 Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Please make checks payable to:
Musch-Plantico Benefit Fund

THANK YOU for supporting this project


Todd Rundgren DVDs
NOTE: most of these DVDs have been discontinued
or are out-of-print

Someplace - camera-bound youth in the late '60s, emcee for an '80s live music show filled with superstars, and all alone at a small club in the 2000s.

DIG Nazz's first-ever videos - how 'bout those clothes?!

MARVEL at the way Todd matches wits and talents with some of rock's greatest singers and players -
including Max Roach, Meatloaf, and Joe Cocker!

WONDER with delight at an intimate solo acoustic affair!

Anywhere? - right here on this amazing DVD...which means you can take it anywhere you'd like.

 Someplace - three live performances with three distinctly different phases...TR's Utopia, Todd with the Hello People, and an intimate solo affair--that take us through the ever-diverse and fascinating career of Todd Rundgren.

Just One Victory" from a 1974 "In Concert" television show is quite a gem. Although it's in black and white and the audio isn't very clear at times, it is incredible to see Todd Rundgren's original Utopia playing one of the classics. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The "Live Special" segment is a professionally-shot show that features Todd, Utopia, and the Hello People during the "Back To The Bars" era. Although there is some amazingly bad editing (songs chopped at awkward moments to keep the video at 60 minutes, I assume), if you ever wanted to see a show from this tour, this will do nicely. And if you ever wondered exactly what it was that the Hello People did during the show, this will enlighten you. Todd is in excellent form and the audio and video are very good.

Part three features two songs from the VH-1 show "New Visions Rock," hosted by Nile Rodgers. Just Todd and an acoustic guitar with very intimate camera work. The audio and video are excellent.

Anywhere? - right here on this amazing DVD...which means you can take it anywhere you'd like.

Someplace - a televison studio full of some of the greatest musicians ever assembled, a stage blessed with great guitarists, and a NYC "blues" club.

"Night Music" was a fabulous cable television show hosted by saxman David Sanborn and his great band. Todd chose this venue as a vessle to display a few new sides of himself to the world. "Can't Stop Running," which re-united Utopia in the studio on the epic album "Nearly Human," is treated with the Philly soul todd is often known for and features an excellent guitar solo from Sanborn's man, Hiram Bullock. "Parallel Lines" is practically re-born here with massive dynamics and incredibly heartfelt vocals full of passion. This version has become a fan favorite over the years, and rightfully so, as it may swell tears to your eyes. The real surprise of this amazing evening is Todd's humorous tribute to the masters of the musical, Gilbert and Sullivan. Taj Mahal and Michele add a lot of color to this fun presentation - dig the dancing. This incredible show was then topped off with a great blues classic written by Taj in which Todd gets to lay down just a moment of hot electric lead guitar before the show fades out.

"Star Guitar Benefit" placed Todd with a roster of some of the hottest guitarists in the land. He rose to the occassion by delivering a stellar set of solo tunes with strength and conviction. Some of his best solo material is featured on this one and he is on top of his game. An a cappella song is featured along with some classics and the FCC-testing statement of "Jesse." The set is appropriately closed with the positive message of "One World." There can be no doubt, Todd definitely loves those Cleveland fans!

2001 marked the return of many fine solo shows and New York City was blessed this evening with some new/old songs from Todd. These songs were sparked by the Harry Smith folk collection that brought many great artists together in a tribute concert that spring. This is one of the first great video captures of Todd's "newly-found" folk leanings and shows how Todd can make someone else's tunes his own with his unique interpretations.

Anywhere? - right here on this amazing DVD . . . which means that now you can take it wherever you'd like.

It has been said many times and in many ways, to understand Todd Rundgren is
to understand change...and the early '90s were no exception.

Todd ushered in this new decade by swapping in his Nearly Human "big band" for a baton and a "rock orchesTRa". Although some of the members carried over from the previous tour, there is a distinct change in feel, tone, and
texture of the April 1991 2nd Wind band. Also he had recorded his latest release, 2nd Wind, the previous summer in a live studio session in San Fransisco at the Palace of Fine Arts - with some of these members onboard...
so there was a certain cohesiveness about the group at this time.
Once again, the man had something prominent to say - mainly that he had turned 40 and did not want to become complacent and lazy. Todd still wanted to change the world, a stance that began quite early in his career. This amazing ensemble sure helped get this point across...and what a lineup - two Tubes, two horns, two keyboards, two female singers, and an amazing guitarist/bassist combo. It's as if Todd heard that he should assemble two of the best of every musical creature on the planet in order to spread the new wordd... this band is THICK!

The stage show complemented the band and Todd's new music well with brightly-enamored costumes and dancing...lots of dancing. This fun-filled tour extended the graceful yet manic soulsteps Rundgren had almost perfected on the seemingly-never-ending Nearly Human tour. An intelligent decision to include a few a cappella numbers also adds many colors to the dynamics of this show.

Todd appears pushed to new limits as the wise addition of axeman Jesse Gress really seems to excite Todd, especially in those very special moments in which Rundgren tears up his guitar. There is even a unique moment in which the two of them bend and wail away at a brilliant guitar harmony line in the tour's title song, 2nd Wind.

So sing, dance, and air guitar as you relive the night away...
and if the hot and raw energy of this band doesn't getcha rockin' then "blow me".

simply a postcard greeting collaboration with the ever-amazing Scott

a cap·pel·la ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ä k-pl)
adv. Music
Without instrumental accompaniment.

1985's A Cappella marked the end of a long relationship between Todd Rundgren and Bearsville Records. The album wasn't even released until Warner Brothers stepped in to negotiate a new contract. Perhaps Bearsville didn't want to release A Cappella because they perceived it to be too weird and too
bizarre to cross over into the mainstream, which may have been true, but he has remained a cult artist precisely because he is willing to take risks like A Cappella - an album created entirely with the sole voice of one very talented individual. The wildly extravagant and extremely diverse productions of the past had been simmered down to the sweet sounds of the vocal choirs he had heard on street corners while growing up with in Philadelphia.

The accompanying tour found the real man that was born to synthesize taking an eleven-piece "voicestra" on the road, along with piano and acoustic and electric guitars. From the strange isolation of the opener to the gospel stylings of the closing number, we are treated to an expanded traveling
light show as Rundgren manages to match his familiar solo set with new material. Although Todd sometimes is forced to strain his voice on this occassion, even changing keys at one point, he maintains a sense of humor and an air of class throughout the entire affair - encouraging crowd participation, playing eloquent guitar, and confidently taming the piano.

A good visual representation of this unique side of Todd Rundgren has not been readily-available until now.
"There is a miracle in the bazaar."

A Walk Down Abbey Road was conceived and implemented by Alan Parsons in 2001 as a tribute to a band he had worked with--The Beatles. Following in the tradition set by Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr in the 90's, AWDAR was designed to assemble a group capable of re-creating the Fab Four’s live and studio material while also showcasing various all-star talents. This meant that great harmonies were essential, a tight rhythm section was a must, and that John and Paul, in particular, would be well represented in vocal presence and musical abilities.

Todd Rundgren seemed an easy choice to "play John." He had been publicly displaying his affections and respect for this legendary band on albums such as "Faithful" and "Deface The Music," often covered their material during solo performances, and was a cornerstone member of Ringo’s All-Starr Band in ‘92 and ‘99. Due to such a dedicated resume, Parsons was wise to acquire Rundgren as one of the group’s frontmen. This supergroup also brought together The Who’s John Entwistle on bass, Ambrosia’s David Pack on vocals and guitar, and Heart’s Ann Wilson on vocals and flute--along with Parsons' amazing guitarist, Godfrey Townshend. From such a diverse background, these schooled musicians really delivered. And this show, recorded at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, on 7/10/01, is proof! Despite the omission of a few songs, this great documentation of a summer of love has the good vibes and warm fun that many of us remember from the 60's (that is, if we can remember anything at all!). The band was having a good time on stage and the audience was happy to ride along. This show’s many highlights include: Todd’s wild screams and Ent’s heavy bass solo on "My Generation," Godfrey’s guttural vocals on "The Real Me," and the wailing blues of Wilson’s "I’m Down." Parsons’ solo acoustic "Blackbird" was a great surprise, and then there was Todd’s mesmerizing solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and his comical "Fool on the Hill" dance. And no one would soon forget the Abbey Road finale.

It is now 2004 and, although the membership has changed a bit, A Walk Down Abbey Road continues to do live shows . . . and Todd Rundgren is still on board.

So roll up for the Mystery Tour!

(all fabulous artwork by smeeg)

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