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(Courtesy of THE Dave Schrader)

NEWS on Steve Keller
(a founding member of Bol Weavils)
Benefit for Steve Keller the "Harp Giant"
Sun. Feb. 22
Waverly Beach
Menasha, WI
Noon - 8pm
Dean Tassone on Drums for a set with Rev. Raven!

I haven't played a "first gig" in over 25 years. This isn't my first gig by any means. But it's the "new me's" first gig. I've been practicing in my "low end man cave", but it'll be the first gig I try with the TBI. Its not DIG. My main plan is still to play with Brother Dean & Iggy Rae. But Jamfunk's bassist, "Train" is out for bit on medical leave. I feel I'm ready and its my duty to help a brother bassist out. Just like Keith Farnum and Pete Olig helped me out. If I make it through this Thursday like I hope I will, l'll be able to finally scratch that "giggin itch" I've been suffering from for nearly a year. Come on out if you want or can! It'll be funkay! Tell me somethin good!
Thursday 2/5/15 at Short Branch Saloon with the Jam Funk All Stars
- 10pm -

Donations can still be sent to
Mike Gephart Benefit Fund
PO Box 1003
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Thank You!

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(Photo by Dave Schrader at Peabody's in Oshkosh 2011)

The Weavils encourage live recording at shows
for personal/non-commercial use and trading

Sign outside the FABULOUS Intermission Bar in Wausau on 9/21/12...a FABULOUS place!


The Weavils will be taking a break from performances for a while

Here's Side Projects Live Dates

(Photo by Dave Schrader at Maritime Tavern in Appleton 2011)

11/11/11 dB's Paddock Oshkosh, WI
(Photo by Dave Schrader)
Side Projects

KILLER art by David Schrader...again

(screen capture from GGGs DVD 8/4/6-courtesy of Bill Bongwater and crew, Gep and Mike Blackwood)

(Photo by Dave Schrader at Cornstock 2010)

(photo by Jeremy Smith with Jeff's phone 5/21/6)

As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members,
"TV Zombies (Live)"
was Track of the Day at

For 24 hours on Thursday, the 18th of November, 2004 (PST)
"TV Zombies (Live)"
was be featured on's Blues Rock  front page

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Weavils' music featured here in podcast form in Toddland!
Release dates were:
Aug 03, 2006, 12:00 River City Blues
Jul 26, 2006, 12:00  Satisfy
Jul 18, 2006  Ode To Todd

"Television Zombies" was on the June 24 2007 Music ToddCast
(many thanks to the incomparable Roger Linder for this)