*** Celebrating 22 years ***

KILLER art by David Schrader...again

Recorded 5/8/99, this CD captures the incredible live show that was performed when the Weavils opened up for Natty Nation at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI

!Re-mix and remaster at Studio Earth in process!

1. Intro (4:58)>
2 Phantom Jam (Webber/Arr:Weavils) 5:05>
3 Make it Happen (Gauss/Finucan) 4:58
4 Satisfy (Hawkins) 5:05
5 Dance of Death (Finucan) 3:59
6 Mike's Song (Gordon) 7:05
7 Steely Weavils (Finucan) 4:58
8 Rain (Lennon/McCartney) 7:05
9 Since I Grooved Witchu (Gauss/Miller) 5:20
10 Heart of Yours (Gauss) 3:05
11 Happy Land (Finucan) 5:12
12 Sleepin' Pill (Gauss) 7:30
13 Television Zombies (Finucan) 5:12
14 Celebrate Yourself (Hawkins) 4:42
15 Outtro (3:32)

Mixed and mastered at Madison's amazing Studio Earth 
by Jim Newhouser, Alex Mielke, and Jeff Gauss

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Live at the Barrymore Theatre 5/8/99
Initial Mix
by Alex Mielke and
Jim Newhouser at Studio Earth
Madison, WI
(unreleased until now)
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